It’s hard not to be on cloud nine this week.  The ramp up to taking GoDaddy public has been invigorating, exhausting, and deeply educational.  Ringing the bell at the New York Stock exchange yesterday morning was the high-point of the week, but it wouldn’t have been quite so amazing without the people there to celebrate with and the people there to be celebrated.

Since the photo above was taken, I’ve fielded a number of questions about who the people on the podium with me were and where were the other familiar faces of GoDaddy.  In short, the GoDaddy Board and our Senior Leadership Team were all on the floor of the NYSE to share in the celebration—but they didn’t take the podium.  That honor was reserved for GoDaddy customers and care reps that make up the heart and soul of our great company.  Serene Silva from Metalmorphosis Designs, Dave Cox from Digital Coconut, Kathy Fang from Fang Restaurant, Marc Rosenblum from Santa Cruz Ale Works and Chelle Stafford from recipe for fitness are just a few of the customers who came to New York to represent GoDaddy on our big day.  Candis Jones from Jones Market had the fun of the actual bell ringing and her excitement was nothing short of contagious.

Also on the podium were a few of the best of the best when it comes to GoDaddy’s world-class customer care.  Kathryn McMillan, Desiree Bries and Lanie Dibos all flew out to New York to join our customers on the podium for the celebration.

Yesterday is a day I’ll never forget and I want to thank all our customers and every GoDaddy employee for their passion and hard work that made a day like yesterday possible.

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  1. Congratulation in your big day. I recently start my new business is a website; I remember coming to that was my first step in my new journey. With a lot of hope and enthusiasm, I been reading and following you as inspiration I know that with hard work and the passion that I putting in my business I will succeed. Thank you.

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