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  • Blake Irving
    • Fortune Brainstorm: On Attracting Great Talent Today I had the opportunity to talk to a small group of folks at the 2013 Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference about the role CEOs play in fueling company growth with talent—both acting as a magnet for new talent and mentoring existing talent on our teams.  I was joined on the panel by Keith Krach, the CEO […] 28 responses July 23, 2013
    • The Culture We Don’t Talk About When I joined GoDaddy in January, I talked to hundreds of small teams and individuals about what they hoped I would change, and what they most feared I would change.  They knew me as a “product guy” from my previous roles, so it was no surprise that the near-universal response to the former was “deepen […] 18 responses June 18, 2013
    • On the Language of Leadership I’ve seen a number of articles this month on the general topic of how to speak as a leader. For those who have read Stephen Denning’s savvy work on the topic, The Secret Language of Leadership, the sage advice from these columns will be familiar.  They talk about setting a clear, inspiring vision for your […] 21 responses May 4, 2013